Tonka trucks are beloved for their quality steel construction and extreme durability. Many of the trucks you’ll find here have lifetime guarantees, and will provide year after year of rugged play. These trucks are cherished by collectors and are often handed down from one generation to the next.

So many toys today are built from cheap, brittle plastic that simply can’t withstand the intensive play of young boys. Tonka trucks are different. They are built tough for tough play. They are great indoors and out, and do well in sand or dirt.

Tonka has also introduced lines of vehicles for younger children and toddlers. For safety, these are constructed of durable plastic that is safe and easy for little hands to handle.

The Tonka Trucks Series of Toys

Tonka Wheel Pals are made from plastic and are sized just right for a toddler’s little hands. These little cars and trucks each have a friendly face and are completely squeezable.

The Tonka Chuck and Friends vehicles are aimed at toddlers and younger children. These toys are constructed of rounded plastic and are small enough to be handled easily by little hands.

The Tonka Tough series of trucks are constructed of steel and are geared towards older kids.  These Tonka trucks were designed for rugged play in sand and dirt.

The Tonka Toughest Mighty is constructed of steel and durable plastic and guaranteed for life.  These are serious trucks designed for serious play.

For a more nostalgic look, the Tonka Classics series features steel constructed trucks that are just as rugged and durable as ever. These Tonka trucks are also guaranteed for life.

Tonka Lights and Sounds vehicles feature working lights and realistic sounds. There are a number of different vehicles in this series that will provide hours of play.

Tonka also makes a number of other items worthy of the Tonka name. These range from accessories for the various Tonka trucks to birthday party supplies.